Research Team and Advisors


Tan Le and Dr. Geoff McKellar, Emotiv

Tan Le is CoPI on the Nature and Brain project and together with Dr. Geoff McKellar they are the co-Founders of Emotiv Research. They have created state-of-the-art non-invasive low cost Emotiv EEG headsets, capable of measuring and visualizing specific emotional states emitted by the brain.

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, University of Utah

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni is a Professor of Biology at University of Utah and Co-PI on the Nature and the Brain project. Nadkarni is a forest ecologist and specialist in connecting scientists with the public, prison education, and STEM education in K-12.

Dr. Tierney Thys, California Academy of Sciences 

Dr. Tierney Thys is  Co-PI on the Nature and Brain project. Thys is a National Geographic Explorer, research associate at Cal Academy.  She conducts research in biology and science communications and has fifteen years experience making award-winning natural history films.

Dr. Deltcho Valtchenov, University of Waterloo

Dr. Deltcho Valtchenov is an experimental psychologist specializing in visual perception, the restorative effects of nature, way-finding and navigation human computer interaction and virtual reality. Valtchenov is the senior data analyst for the Nature and the Brain project.

Dr. Silvia Bunge, University of California at Berkeley
Dr. Silvia Bunge is a Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at the University of California at Berkeley and directs the Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory. We are working with the Bunge to explore the effects of nature imagery and sounds using eye-tracking devices.

Greg Bratman, Stanford University

Greg Bratman is a doctoral student in the Emmet Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, and the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University. Bratman is examining the impact of nature experience on human cognitive function and mental health and advising the Nature and Brain project on experimental design and data analyses.

Dr. Patricia Hasbach, Northwest Ecotherapy

Dr. Patricia Hasbach  is a psychotherapist and a leader in the field of ecopsychology who brings expertise on the human – nature relationship  as it relates to biophilia, biophilic design,  restorative benefits of contact with nature, and developmental issues related to nature contact/ nature deficit. Hasbach is advising the Nature and Brain project on the use of psychological instruments.